Workshop on Entrepreneurial opportunities for youth – Málaga, Spain

In the end of May, PROJUVEN had an opportunity to meet a group of young people during the workshop “Entrepreneurial opportunities for youth”. The session was very interesting since we could present some good practice of our project “IMCEskills” and also encouraged young people to search and take part in mobilities dedicated to the entrepreneurial opportunities which can give them the chance to develop their business ideas.

During the workshop, PROJUVEN presented the main aim of the project, what we achieved until now, since the project was officially started on March 2017, and also talked about the second training mobility hosted by the coordinator of the project. The training took place in Haskovo, Bulgaria between 10-16 of April and involved participants from Italy, Spain and Bulgaria.  The main objectives of the training were to develop the participants’ creativity, their entrepreneurial attitudes, the knowledge related to the use of digital technologies for presentation and providing financing for innovative ideas and, last but not least, the development of teamwork in working on a specific case.

Once again we had the chance to present to youngsters the potential that youth entrepreneurship has in integration of young people into the labour market.  It´s proved that entrepreneurs create jobs, increase innovation, raise competition and also have a positive impact on changing economic opportunities and trends. A young person setting up a new business may provide “demonstration” or learning externalities in that they may act as a role model for other young people.

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