Workshop “Boost your creativity” – Málaga, Spain

On 18 of October,2018 PROJUVEN President Francesco Ruberto organized the workshop “Boost your creativity” as part of IMCEskills project.  The event was hold in Torremolinos, Málaga and gathered together more than 15 young people.

In the beginning of the workshop participants were encouraged to describe what does it mean for them creativity and why they think creativity is important for young people to develop their business ideas. Later, Mr. Ruberto explained in details, some of the main blocks to creativity thinking as following:

  • Knowing that there are not enough resources to implement ideas
  • Negative experience
  • Environment that foster passivity
  • Pressure
  • Fear of failure
  • Criticism and lack of belief in own ideas
  • Routine – No inspirational Inputs
  • Tax and Fiscal System

Since the main idea of our project IMCEskills is to foster entrepreneur skills in youth, participants of the workshop were invited to work in teams and find more information about the following four Social Entrepreneurs: Muhhamad Yunus, Scott Harrison, Blake Mycoskie and Xavier Helgesen. The main aim of this activity for participants, was to find more about the qualities, accomplishments and creativity of one of the most famous social entrepreneurs in the world. After their presentations, youngsters were asked which of all these qualities and characteristics they personally possess or would like to have in order to develop their business ideas.

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